About the A-Be-See The Best Children's Series

In my newly released book series for all children, "The A-Be-See 'The Best' Collection," it is my desire to disciple children, teaching and equipping them to be ambassadors for Christ. Whether at school, dealing with their peers and teachers, or at home and in society, they will encounter various people. However, as they learn the Word of God and become acquainted with His ways, they will discover who God created them to be and walk in His grace and love towards themselves and others.

This collection caters to children of all ages, starting with the little ones, teaching them their ABC’s, colors, shapes, fruits, animals, and the world around them. The other three books include 26 different affirmations through which encourage children to "act the best, believe the best, communicate the best," and more. In life, we face challenges, so my sole purpose is to teach them to forgive and love the best, enabling them to see the glory of God manifested in their lives as they "go all out for God,"representing His grace, mercy, and goodness.

The next book teaches children about penmanship, where they will learn to recognize and trace
their ABC’s in both cursive and print. Following that, we have an Activity Book in which children
participate in coloring, defining vocabulary words to gain clarity on the knowledge of God's love,
journaling, games, and more. The last book is for preteens, teens, and adults, providing 26
different scenarios and ways to handle situations differently. They can take notes, reflect on
handling situations differently, journal, and define vocabulary words to bring clarity to the "call on
their life," enabling them to "see the best," witness God's glory, and shine as lights to their peers
and the world.

I also emphasize to the children that living in the kingdom and pleasing God is not a "one-and-done deal," but it requires repeated submission to God to live a life pleasing and acceptable unto Him. These books are a significant, life-changing investment for your child, youth group, or youth facility. If you desire to place a bulk order, please contact me via email or phone, and I will get in touch with you at my earliest convenience.